VintageView Wine Racks Fits Perfectly for Contemporary Wine Displays

VintageView offers many metal racking options for your residential or commercial wine cellar in Miami, Florida that will give the wine display in your wine cellar a contemporary look.

You can never go wrong with VintageView wine racks if you are planning to have a contemporary wine display in your wine cellar. Continue reading to know why more and more people are using VintageView metal wine racking system to achieve that contemporary wine display in their wine rooms.

The trend in contemporary style for homes, condominiums, apartments, and hospitality business establishments is remarkably continuous.  One of the reasons people are going towards this trend is that contemporary design offers high functionality, space-maximizing features, great flexibility, and dramatically eye-catching effects.  

This concept also applies to custom wine cellars, whether for residential or commercial locations in Miami.  By saying custom wine cellar, it could be one of the following: 

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Contemporary Home Wine Display

  1. An underused small room in the home such as a closet that is converted into a functional home wine room 
  2. A small space under the stairs was utilized to create a unique wine cellar 
  3. A large residential room such as a basement that is developed into fabulous wine storage and entertainment area where you can invite guests for a wine tasting session or just a simple wine enjoyment 
  4. Commercial wine displays found in hospitality settings: 
  • Wine stores where effective bulk storage and eye-catching wine display are needed 
  • Wine bars and restaurants where glass-enclosed wine storage and display area can be installed to set a wonderful ambiance and entice customers  
  • Hotels and resorts where higher valued wines are made available to clients, and wine tasting events may be held to attract the higher class market 

Whatever the setting is, choosing a contemporary design for your custom wine cellar in Miami is a very clever decision because it meets both the efficiency and aesthetic requirements for wine storage and display facility.  

Using Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Displays 

Check out this contemporary commercial wine cellar project now! Click here.When it comes to wine storage and display, metal wine racks are the ‘in’ thing and the demand for them is constantly increasing.  Metal wine racks are useful for contemporary wine displays because of their design flexibility that supports not only an organized wine storage system but also a unique way of displaying wines.  

Wine stores, wine bars, restaurants, and hotels may choose a towering arrangement of wine bottles using metal wine racks, plus a glass enclosure that gives it a stunning view.  For modern homes or apartments, the combination of custom metal wine racking, glass wall enclosure, and lighting effects provide a dramatic effect on your wine display. 

VintageView Metal Wine Racks – A Popular Choice for Contemporary Wine Displays 

VintageView metal wine racks are a popular choice of metal wine racking system for contemporary Miami residential and commercial custom wine cellars because of their design flexibility and wine storage efficiency. 

Efficient Wine Storage 

Check out more wine cellar and wine rack photos on Pinterest. Click here now!The design promotes a label-forward way of displaying wine bottles, which makes it easier to recognize and read wine labels.

To safeguard your wines, VintageView metal wine racks are specially designed to allow an open airflow that maintains proper liquid temperature distribution. 

Elegant Design and Finish Options 

Click here to see a stunning contemporary wine display project.VintageView metal wine racks are available in different finishes such as black chrome, brushed nickel, chrome, and satin black.  These are standard metal wine racks that are usually readily available and ready to be shipped.  For a more customized look, you can also add a powder coating.  

The different wine rack designs include wall-mounted, stand-alone, single-deep, and three-deep wine racking solutions.  These are also available in different sizes and shapes. 

VintageView also has a line of metal wine rack collections.  These are: 

  1. Wall Series 
  2. Floor to Ceiling Frame Series 
  3. Vino Series 
  4. Evolution Series 
  5. WS Stemware Rack 

Wall Series – This patented VintageView metal wine rack is modular in nature and available in four standard heights and three bottle depths.  This is ideal for a customized wine storage design. 

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Wall Series by VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Floor to Ceiling Frame Series – This is a modular wine racking system that creates a wall of wine bottles and can be used as an elegant room divider. 

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Floor to Ceiling Frame Series by VintageView Metal Wine Racks


Vino Series – This contemporary wine racking system consists of pins, rails, and Styx.  The combination of these elements creates a minimalist style of wine rack storage and display. 

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Vino Series by VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Evolution Series – This is a free-standing VintageView metal wine rack design made of acrylic and steel and it’s available in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot heights.  Extension kits are also available to meet additional storage needs.

Evolution Wine Towers are convenient to install to any home or business establishment. You can also add LED lighting on its transparent sides to enhance the presentation of your wines.

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Evolution Series by VintageView Metal Wine Racks

WS Stemware Rack – This metal wine rack design features a hanging wine glass storage that is combined with any Wall Series metal wine rack. 

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WS Stemware Series by VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Choose VintageView Metal Wine Racks Miami 

VintageView wine racks are useful for commercial wine displays and home wine rooms.  One great thing about VintageView is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all their wine racks from simple wall-mounted metal wine racks to large-scale metal wine racking systems. 

Wine racks from VintageView are both versatile and highly customizable to any custom wine cellar.


VintageView is the leading metal wine racks Miami manufacturer preferred by many wine cellar builders for the construction of contemporary residential and commercial wine displays.   

Click here to view more contemporary wine cellars with VintageView metal wine racks.If you have a contemporary commercial wine display or home wine room project, choose VintageView metal wine racks.  The unique designs, limitless storage options, and high-quality features of VintageView metal wine racks make them a perfect choice for a truly stunning and remarkable wine display. 

To get started with your project, choose Coastal Custom Wine Cellars as your professional wine cellar builder.  They partner with VintageView to create stunning contemporary wine displays for both residential and commercial purposes. You may contact Jerry Wilson, owner and design consultant at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, which has more than 14 years of experience in the wine cellar design and construction industry.