Nothing cools you better from the blazing Miami FL heat than a glass of red that is served from well-maintained glass wine rooms. When you’ve had a hectic day under the South Beach sun, the last thing you would want is stale wine that has lost its flavor. Preventing your wine from getting stale is a problem that can easily be fixed. At Custom Wine Cellars, Miami FL, we have just the solution for you.

This Luxurious Glass Wine Room is Simply STUNNING!

This home’s glass wine room sits beautifully in the corner of its living room. Whether it’s day or night, this is a stunning sight to see.

Steve Pantalemon designs and builds glass wine rooms that are perfectly suited to your home.

One of the biggest concerns for a wine lover living in Florida is the temperature. With the Florida weather going as high as  90℉, it is a struggle to keep wine at a temperature that best preserves its notes and scent. Red wines need to be kept at an average of 62℉  to 68℉ while a bottle of white needs to be maintained between 49℉ to 55℉. To help with this dilemma, we suggest a custom-made wine cellar.

Whether you are in Fort Lauderdale, Gables Estates, Hammock Lakes, the Greater Coral Gables,  or Star Island, Custom Wine Cellars can create the perfect wine cellar that doesn’t just keep your wines tasting right, but also adds beauty to your home.

Keeping your Miami FL Glass Wine Room cool 

There are plenty of glass wine room cooling units that can work great for your home. For those dealing with limited space for their glass wine room, a ducted cooling system is a top choice.  Compared to older cooling systems, this is a more advanced technology and one of the quietest cooling systems on the market. It is also compact and easily camouflaged into the home wine cellar. This allows for more versatility in the overall design of the room. 

For this particular project, we used an HS ducted cooling system wherein the coil was stored in the ceiling into the attic. This will keep the noises and vibrations low. So on top of keeping your wine cool, this cooling system sustains the serene atmosphere of your home wine cellar.

How does our cooling system work for your glass wine rooms?

This cooling system will handle the supply and return of ventilation in your glass wine cellar. It will provide chilled air into your cellar that is maintained between 50℉ to 65℉. This temperature ensures that your wine keeps its original taste. It also features flexible humidity options for your long-term wine storage. With the custom glass wine rooms we build, we make sure it can stand the temperature and the test of time. 

The yellow backlight you see in this glass wine room is our acrylic LED light board. Likewise, you’ll see the air conditioning vents on the ceiling.

Beautiful wine cellar lighting to add to your glass wine room ideas

Wine cellar lighting is an art and it can make or break the vibe of your home. The right wine cellar lighting can take your home to the next level. It creates an ambiance of elegance into your cozy home. If you are using cheaper lighting technology or if it is uninstalled incorrectly, it would only break the bank more. So we advise our clients to get the best suited lighting system for their glass wine rooms.

At Custom Wine Cellars, we aim to give the best solutions. A huge concern for wine cellar owners is unpleasant lighting. To help with that, Steve Pantalemon, an expert in building glass wine rooms,  had this idea of using acrylic panels for a better wine cellar lighting effect. By installing the lighting panel on the wall, the space would be illuminated beautifully. However, having plain LED lights on the wall is an eyesore. So what we are doing is using acrylic panels to disperse LED lighting in a way that is inviting and relaxing to the eye. As a minimalist touch, we paint the acrylic panel white so that the light won’t be the main feature, but instead complement the wine display. This is a great way to really make your glass wine room shine.

The best way to display wine bottles for your glass wine room in Miami FL

Knowing how hot it gets in Miami FL, seeing a glass wine room is a splendid surprise. Although, a bottle of red should not be the only cool thing about your wine room. The glass wine room itself should be able to give you a cool experience. How do we make your home wine cellar cool? 

Most glass wine rooms are installed close to the living room. This adds an aesthetic value to the home and an overall high-end feeling to your cozy space. To deliver the best finishing touches, we have a wide selection of furnishings and storage options that ensures your personality and the vibe of your home are reflected by your modern styled home wine room

Here’s a closer look at this glass wine room’s triple-deep wine pegs and metal display box for magnum bottles.


Custom Wine Cellar can design the wine cellar of your dreams. Every display rack down to the finish of every material is planned carefully. For this project, we had to work with a limited space. To make the wine room feel larger and to showcase it better, we used a frameless glass wall. We also used triple-deep brushed pegs that were made of polished stainless steel for maximum storage with a minimalist appeal. These metal pegs are great for modern wine closets and cellars. Another type of modern wine cellar rack you can use is cable wine racking. 

For bigger bottles you want to spotlight in your home wine cellar, we can create a spot with a stainless steel frame where your favorite bottle can fit perfectly. We also have alder wooden wine cabinets in black stain that are a great storage option for the bottom part of your storage. It can fit your magnum wines that are 1.5 L in size. There are also multiple display positions you can choose to better display the label of your bottle. We can design the racks to suit either vertical or horizontal positions of your bottle depending on your preference. This makes your wine and their brand really stand out. 

This open, wooden cabinet inside this glass wine room is made from Alder wood and stained to create more contrast to the space.

Build your Dream Wine Room at your Miami FL Home with us

We have a team of expert wine room designers in Miami FL that can turn your vision into reality. In every project, we make sure to uphold the best practices and give you the best glass wine rooms. From the design to the building process, we can handle it and take you along for an enjoyable wine room creation journey. Call us now at (323) 825-9846 or get started with a Free 3D Design