This gorgeous home is a showcase of awe-inspiring custom glass wine cellars, designed and crafted to perfection. The contemporary wine cellar design by our experts at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was carefully created with the homeowner’s every need in mind. Every detail, from the temperature and ventilation systems to the clever organization of bottles and shelves, was considered to ensure this project would be a timeless masterpiece. As a result, this stunning wine cellar will remain a focal point of the home for years to come. 

modern glass wine closet in the dining room

A touch of traditional elegance meets modern sophistication with this custom wooden door for your wine cellar.

Custom Glass Wine Cellars: The Key to Elevating Your Home’s Interior 

Custom glass wine cellars not only come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors but also have the potential to create a unique atmosphere. Investing in customizing your modern wine cellar allows you to get the desired look. From lighting styles and marble decanting tables to different types of wine racks – there are countless options available for you to choose from.  

Take this modern home wine cellar, for example. It was designed to create an interior that flowed freely with the rest of the house. Thus, neutral palettes such as dark browns, creams, whites, and ivory were used to provide a subtle backdrop for this space. An indoor plant also adds an element of color without taking away from the intended aesthetic. To increase contrast within the room and make it feel more inviting and restful, the Coastal team opted for darker shades like black and brown throughout – allowing it to stand out just a bit more than usual.  

The Perfect Custom Glass Wine Cellars for Home Interiors!

The result? A stylish yet cozy area perfect for sipping on your favorite wines with family or friends! Not only does this design exemplify how customizing can add that special touch, but it also demonstrates just how much potential is hidden within modern wine cellars when it comes down to creating something truly unique and exciting.  

Customizing your modern wine cellar is worth considering if you want a space that looks beautiful but still has all the necessary elements needed for proper storage and aging of wines while retaining its overall aesthetics at the same time. With careful planning and attention to detail – no matter what shape or size you’re looking for – custom-made modern wine cellars may be exactly what you need! 

Custom VintageView Metal Wine Racks for Glass Wine Cellar

Transform your wine storage into a work of art with VintageView metal wine racks, featuring customizable designs that create a stunning and visually impressive display.

Insulation and Weather Stripping for Custom Glass Wine Cellars and Doors 

The custom wine collection is showcased with modern glass wine cellar doors framed in stainless steel, fully foam-insulated. The oversized door design ensures the entire collection is visible from the outside. In addition to insulating the walls, insulation can also be used to seal air gaps around the door. This guarantees that no air will come through when it’s closed.  

Other methods to achieve a tight seal around the door include installing weather stripping and U-channels. These are similar to rubber gaskets found in hardware stores but would need customization for a wine cellar door. Our team recommends what weather stripping best suits your wine cellar door’s requirements.  

The dual-paned 1″-thick glass used in the construction helps maintain the desired temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit in this room. Together with adequate insulation measures, this makes for an ideal environment for storing wines. 

Custom Wine Cellar Racking Solution: Comfortable Storage for Up to 750 Bottles 

Upon completing the insulation, cooling system, and inner wall of a wine closet, the installation of wine racks was deemed necessary. For a desired dark theme, Alderwood wine racking was chosen and stained with a rustic color for visual appeal. A lacquer coating was then applied to smoothen the finish.  

The modern wine closet houses racks on all three sides, featuring different racking configurations that enhance its aesthetic. A single wooden reveal row with light balance is located in the middle so all bottle labels are easily readable. The metal wine racking consists of VintageView’s triple-deep, black metal wine racks from their wall-mounted series. Despite their slender appearance, these racks are highly durable in holding heavy bottles.  

Instead of mounting the metal racks directly onto drywall as commonly done, backer boards were utilized to separate them from the main wall by about 0.5”. This allowed the LED light strips to run on the backside for an attractive reversed spotlight effect.  

A small cove area at the center of the wine racking serves as a space for decanting wines and is currently adorned with a glass sculpture illuminated by an overhead puck light. Additionally installed were acrylic LED light panels which provide softly diffused lighting by concealing LED panels behind translucent acrylic boards.  

This custom-designed wine-racking solution can house up to 750 bottles of wine comfortably. For those requiring storage for more than 750 bottles or having limited space concerns, personalized modifications can be made by our team to ensure that your collection fits perfectly into your allotted storage area. 

contemporary custom metal wine racks and shelves with LED lighting for glass wine closet

Sophisticated wine storage at its finest: a glass cellar with metal racking and LED backlighting.

Installing the HS 8600 Wine Refrigeration Unit from US Cellars Systems 

The Coastal Wine Cellars team, led by Senior Design Consultant Steve Pantalemon, was tasked with finishing the construction of a newly built home’s wine cellar. However, upon careful inspection, it was determined that everything needed to be removed and started from scratch.  

After installing the studs, the team ran a line set for the cooling system before sealing the wall. They opted for the HS 8600 wine cooling unit from US Cellar Systems, known for being one of the industry’s top providers of wine cellar refrigeration systems.  

The HS 8600 belongs to their High Static Cooling Series and is designed to provide cool air to medium and high-temperature rooms. It is a ducted cooling system where the condenser is placed outside of the house while the coil is inside an adjacent mechanical room. It also only takes up a little space and operates quietly. Only two registers are on the ceiling for air inflow and return.  

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida: Your Partner for Building High-Quality Wine Cellars 

Planning modern custom glass wine cellars provides endless design possibilities. Still, it is crucial to ensure that every detail is built correctly according to the dimensions of the space and ambient temperatures.  

Our Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida team understands the frustration of clients who have spent a significant amount on their wine cellars, only for them to be repaired shortly after due to haphazard construction. One common mistake is working with contractors who need more experience constructing wine cellars, resulting in wasted funds.   

To avoid such setbacks, work with us to enjoy hassle-free construction projects. We are specialists in designing and building fully refrigerated custom glass wine cellars with years of experience in the industry. Our team plans and executes every project meticulously and professionally, ensuring quality results that meet or exceed client expectations.   

With CWC Miami Florida‘s expertise, clients can achieve their dream wine cellar without worrying about unnecessary expenses from poor construction decisions. Whether you’re from Star Island, Fisher Island, or anywhere in Miami, contact us today for exceptional service and satisfaction guaranteed!

If you want to have your place assessed, reach out to us at +1 (949) 200 – 8134, and our team of experts will be more than happy to help out as soon as possible!