Walk-in wine rooms are perfect for connoisseurs with an ever-growing collection. Master wine cellar builder, Steve Pantalemon, created this unique and eye-catching design for this wine cellar, along with the team of experts from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Take a closer look at this stunning Coral Gables wine cellar adjacent to an entertainment den – from the racking to the flooring, ceiling, and door, each element radiates charm and sophistication. Although seemingly modest at first glance, this wine cellar is guaranteed to captivate both your discerning taste and innate curiosity. 

walk in Miami Florida wine room with custom wood wine racks

Experience the allure of our meticulously crafted custom wood wine racks in our spacious walk-in Miami wine room.

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida featured this wine cellar that you can also have in your Coral Gables, Florida home.  

Creating a Luxurious Atmosphere with Custom-Made Wooden Racking in Walk-in Wine Rooms 

This is How PREMIUM Walk-in Wine Rooms Look Like

Wine racks play a pivotal role in displaying wine bottles, with materials ranging from metal to wood. In contemporary home wine closets, the fusion of natural and modern elements often dictates the design. However, for this particular cellar, the owner opted for a custom-made wooden racking piece that exudes an unparalleled level of sophistication and elegance. 

From Standard to Large Formats: Walk-in Wine Rooms that Accommodate All Bottles 

label forward wood racking walk in wine room display

Elevate your wine storage to new heights of sophistication with our premium label-forward wood racking walk-in wine room display.

For wine collectors, having walk-in wine rooms that can accommodate bottles of various sizes and volumes is essential. One such custom-designed cellar features seven types of compartments to cater to a wide range of bottles, from the standard 750ml to large formats exceeding 1500ml. This versatile storage solution not only showcases an impressive collection but also ensures that each bottle is stored in optimal condition. 

The left and right sides of the cellar consist of double-deep horizontal wine shelves on the upper half, with deep cubbies for boxes situated at the bottom half. The central shelf is wider in size, comprising x-bins and horizontal shelves at its base, followed by two rows of high reveal racks and six rows of cork-forward standard 750 shelves above. This thoughtful design caters to various bottle shapes and sizes while maintaining a visually appealing display. 

Upon entering the cellar, visitors are greeted by a decanting table with a sizable custom arch. Despite the narrow space available for walking around inside, this feature allows the owner to pour wines directly into stemware without needing to remove bottles from their temperature-controlled environment. By doing so, they can ensure that each glass is served at precisely the right temperature – an important detail for any discerning wine collector or enthusiast. 

The Aesthetic Appeal of Maple Wood in Wine Room Design 

The selection of a wine rack’s material is crucial, as it greatly influences the overall aesthetic of a residential walk in wine cellar. Wooden wine racks, for example, offer various options in terms of color and texture, ranging from reddish-brown to dirty-white hues. One such popular choice is Maple wood, which possesses unique characteristics that make it an ideal material for creating stunning and durable wine racks. 

Maple is a type of hardwood renowned for its sturdiness and longevity. Its natural off-white tone with subtle reddish-brown hues contributes to a fresh and zen-like ambiance in any space. Additionally, Maple has a closed grain pattern that results in a smoother and more refined appearance compared to other types of wood. The innate decay-resistant properties further enhance its suitability as the perfect choice for crafting long-lasting wine cellar racks that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. 

Protecting Your Limited-Edition Wine Bottles with Advanced Security Solutions 

transparent walk in wine cellar glass doors and windows

Step into luxury as you enter our walk-in wine cellar, featuring state-of-the-art transparent glass doors and windows that elevate your wine experience.

A well-designed wine cellar not only serves as a space for storing and aging wines but also adds an aesthetic appeal to one’s home. This is particularly true in cases where minimalistic design elements are employed, such as in the case of this recent project involving the installation of a simple glass wine room door with wooden jamb and ball-bearing hinges. The absence of glass etching, commonly found on other wine cellar doors, further enhances the clean look by providing an unobstructed view through the door. 

Beyond its visual appeal, it is essential for any wine cellar to have a securely installed door system that prevents unauthorized access while maintaining optimal climate conditions within. As building a fully climate-controlled home wine room represents a significant investment, it is crucial to ensure that valuable collections are kept safe from potential theft or damage. In situations where homeowners frequently entertain guests or host gatherings, Our Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and CWC Miami Florida teams recommend adding a lock to the wine cellar glass door. 

While there are various types of door locks available on the market today, some homeowners may prefer more advanced security solutions. In this particular project, a digital keypad door lock was integrated into the wooden jamb above the doorknob for enhanced protection. This type of locking mechanism requires users to input a numerical code rather than using physical keys which can be easily duplicated or misplaced. 

Keypad-secured doors provide increased security compared to traditional knob locks, deadbolt locks, padlocks and mortise locks that can often be picked or manipulated by intruders. For collectors who store limited edition wines like Don Perignon, Sangrias, Cabernet Sauvignons and Pinots among others, investing in robust security measures is undoubtedly worth considering. 

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida: The Ultimate Partner in Crafting Unique and Sophisticated Wine Storage Spaces 

For those seeking to create a truly unique and sophisticated walk-in wine rooms, Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida is the ideal partner. With decades of experience in the industry, this team of experts combines passion, skill, and knowledge to design and build exceptional custom wine cellars tailored specifically for each homeowner’s needs and preferences. 

CWC Miami Florida goes above and beyond simply constructing a room for wine storage. They meticulously plan every detail to ensure the utmost quality and functionality, resulting in an exquisite home wine cellar that not only looks stunning but also provides optimal conditions for the proper aging and preservation of your cherished collection. Contact us today at +1 (305) 517-7353 to begin crafting your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.