Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar

Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar International, one of our trusted partners in wine room construction, completed a praiseworthy Miami home wine cellar. They incorporated wood and rustic elements to create a unique wine display and storage area. The wine cellar was a gift of the wife to her husband. Learn more about the traditional and contemporary features of this beautiful wine room.   

Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar  

The homeowners of an elegant home in South Miami, Florida, needed help building a climate-controlled wine cellar. The wife wanted to create a home wine cellar as a gift for her husband. She already had a design in mind for this project, and she wanted to find a reliable contractor.

She sought the help of Wine Cellar International, a well-known designer, and builder of custom wine cellars with an excellent portfolio. For many years, this team of builders has been providing innovative wine storage solutions and exceeding their client’s expectations. The wife sent photos of the wine cellar she envisioned to Jake, the owner and lead designer of Wine Cellar International.  

Jake and his team conducted an on-site visit to see the location of the space, make measurements, and gather information necessary for creating the perfect design for the wine room. They got the specific details, including the types of wines, bottle sizes, number of bottles intended to be stored, and number of cigars in the husband’s collection.   

Gathering the essential details and collecting the photos from the couple would ensure that all of their requirements are met. Wine Cellar International created a 3-dimensional design. The design consisted of the wine room elevations, dimensions, racking styles, and bottle capacities.  

After submitting the design proposal, the client reviewed the CAD images. Once approved, Wine Cellar International started the construction of the Miami custom home wine cellar 

Fusion of Traditional and Rustic Design Resulted in a Stunning Wine Rack System  

Elegant Wine Racks and a Brushed-Stainless Steel Wine Table Designed for a Modern Custom Wine Cellar

Elegant Wine Racks and a Brushed-Stainless Steel Wine Table Designed for a Modern Custom Wine Cellar

The design inspiration of the wife was the Silver Oak Winery’s wood, and the custom stainless steel wine racks came from a vacation in California Wine County. When she saw the rustic and modern elements of the winery, she decided to incorporate them into the design of the Miami custom home wine cellar she was planning to build in their home.  

Wood Wine Racks Designed to Create a Traditional Feel in the Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar 

Wine Cellar International installed wood wine racks on the back, left, and right walls of this Miami custom home wine cellar. The custom design on the back wall consists of three square bins intended for storing bottles in a vertical position and other wine accessories and accouterments.  

Wine Cellar International included a small custom cigar humidor at the bottom section of the back wall to accommodate the cigar collection of the husband. It is lined with Spanish Cedar, a type of wood that has the ability to hold in more moisture than other wood species. Other advantages of Cedarwood include its ability to repel tobacco beetles, impart aroma to cigars, and resist warping and cupping in a highly humid environment like refrigerated wine rooms.    

The client wanted the wood components to resemble reclaimed lumber. To meet the requirement of the wife, the team contacted a local mill to distress and stained the wood that would be utilized for the walls, ceiling, and pillars. It added a rustic feel to the entire wine cellar.   

Metal Wine Racks and Table Added a Contemporary Touch to the Overall Appeal of the Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar  

Stylish Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar

Stylish Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar International installed metal bars within the wooden racking at the top section surrounding the open bins. The racking holds the bottle with a cork-forward orientation. They also used metal bars for the display rows in the middle racking designed to pitch the bottles at an angle. You will see more cork-forward metal racking below the display rows.  

Another modern feature in this Miami custom home wine cellar is the customized modern brushed stainless steel table. The table has four shelves with metal bars to provide additional storage for a few bottles. The top shelf can hold 3-L bottles horizontally, while the lower shelves are intended for wooden case storage. The glass top complemented the minimalist table, giving a clear view of the bottles underneath.  

Wine Cellar Lighting System  

The lighting system plays a crucial role in the overall mood and ambiance of wine cellars. It helps showcase the bottles and highlights the features that clients want. The homeowners went for Vintage-style pendant designer lighting and puck lighting in the square display boxes. 

Glass Wine Cellar Door  

The custom home wine cellar is located next to the family room. Enclosing it in a seamless glass wine cellar door allows viewing the wines without any obstruction. To match the wooden component of the Miami custom home wine cellar, Wine Cellar International added a wood trim made from the same wood used for the millwork installed inside the wine room.   

They utilized thermally insulated glass panels to create a higher insulation value and provide high resistance to impact and static pressure. Moreover, insulated glass panels prevent extreme temperature fluctuations that can harm the quality of the wines and cause wine storage problems.      

Wine Cellar Cooling System  

 The client allowed Wine Cellar International to leave the wine cellar cooling system uncovered above the entryway inside the wine room to create an industrial appearance. The split wine refrigeration unit allowed the evaporator and condenser to be placed in two separate locations. The condenser was located outside the wine room.  

The advantages of a split-type wine cellar cooling system include a virtually quiet operation, a larger temperature differential than a self-contained system, an option for larger coils, a longer lifespan, and the ability to vent warm air into an attic or outdoors.  

Let Us Create a Miami Custom Home Wine Cellar for Your Collection 

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida works with professional builders and contractors in building unique and safe wine storage rooms. One of them is Wine Cellar International, which built this Miami custom home wine cellar using rustic and traditional elements.  

Let us build your dream wine cellar! You can talk to one of our specialists at +1 (305) 517-7353.