Custom Wine Cellar Design for a South Florida Home

Custom Wine Cellar Design for a South Florida Home

This new custom wine cellar built by Wine Cellar Designers Group features excellent work by their designers and builders. The features and elements were carefully planned and laid out, exceeding the expectations of the client. Learn more about the inspiring wine cellar design they created in this project. 

Dazzling Custom Home Wine Cellar Built by Our Design Experts 

Wine Cellar Designers Group recently completed a project for a remarkable home in South Florida. Steve Pantalemon – an expert in wine and wine cellars – with his passionate team, combined glass and wood elements to develop a sophisticated design perfect for a beautiful home.

They built the wine room in between the dining area and the kitchen. With Steve’s expertise and creativity, they came up with a custom wine cellar design intended for storing 616 bottles. Their goals include creating a wine display and storage room that would highlight the client’s prized wine collection using attractive wine racks, dramatic lighting, and an efficient wine cooling unit.  

Designing Custom Wine Racks with Aesthetics and Functionality  

Custom Wine Cellar Racking Design Installed by Expert Builders

Custom Wine Cellar Racking Design Installed by Expert Builders

Designing wine racks requires the help of a professional who has extensive knowledge in creating attractive and functional wine storage systems. For many years, Wine Cellar Designers Group has been providing wine collectors with innovative wine rack solutions that suit their needs.  

Steve always wants to exceed every client’s expectationsIn this particular project, they utilized wood for the wine racks. Wood has a timeless appeal that makes it a good material for creating elegant custom home wine cellars.   

The wine racks are made from Alder, a wood species popular because of its many advantages. Alder is often compared to a chameleon because of its ability to mimic other hardwoods or even metal when the correct stain is applied.  

Wood wine racks made from Alder exhibit beautiful patterns when unstained. However, in this installation projectthey applied black stain and lacquer on the wood to create a rustic look. The color of the racking creates a contrast with the brown back wall panels. 

Wine Rack Configurations: Creating an Eye-Catching Wine Display While Maximizing the Storage Capacity   

Custom Wine Rack Design by Miami Experts

Custom Wine Rack Design by Miami Experts

The goal was to create an attractive wine display area while maximizing the space. Despite the small space, WCDG’s experts in custom wine cellar design came up with a wine cellar space for 616 bottles. They incorporated various racking styles to add character to the wine room. 

Upon entering the residential wine cellar, you will see three levels of high-revel display rows on the middle section of the back wall. They added a channel above these display rows to create a good source of lighting. LED lights were installed above them to illuminate the bottles downward.  

They also included individual wine racks and cubicles for case storage at the top section of the racking. The client can place wooden cases in case storage or just the bottles with the cap facing out. The bottom section consists of Y-shaped wine racks intended for storing 750ml bottles in a cork-forward orientation.  

On the leftmost side of the racking on the back wall, they installed a horizontal display column wine rack that can be viewed when you walk from the kitchen or the front doors. The bottles rest on the shelves securely, preventing them from falling out.  

They also added a small tabletop to provide a place for serving and drinking wines. Below are storage bins for three more cases.  

On the right wall, they installed another 3-level high reveal display rows, case storage bins, and Y-shaped wine racks. The end racking is also a horizontal column display rack that is visible from the dining area.    

Installing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from a Trusted Manufacturer 

A reliable wine cooling system is a requirement in building refrigerated custom wine cellars. It has a significant role in creating a stable environment perfect for wine aging. It is best to seek the help of a knowledgeable wine refrigeration specialist to ensure the correct choice and installation of the equipment.  

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, they always make sure that they utilize the right type of climate control system in every wine room we build. Moreover, proper sizing is also crucial. They always perform a heat load calculation to determine the correct BTUs needed for your wine cellar, considering the amount of glass used and heat sources near your wine room.  

For this particular project, they installed a wine cooling system from Wine Guardian. The unit is well engineered to provide maximum cooling efficiency based on the size and location of the wine cellar. 

We’ve Built One of the Best Custom Wine Cellar Designs in 2022!

Insulated Glass Door and Walls  

Custom Wine Cellar Design with Glass Walls and Door

Custom Wine Cellar Design with Glass Walls and Door

Glass doors and walls add a luxurious touch to custom wine cellars. Keep in mind that they must be installed by an expert because there are special requirements for manufacturing and installation. It will ensure that your doors will function effectively and help protect your wine collection from damage.  

In this project, Wine Cellar Designers Group used thermally insulated glass panels with ¾-inch thickness for the door and walls. Poorly insulated glass doors will cause condensation build-up, affecting the quality of the wines and the structural integrity of the wine cellar and wine racks. Condensation will trigger mold growth that can damage the wine labels and corks. Mold on the cork can contaminate the wine and cause spoilage.  

The team knows and understands the vital role of insulating wine cellar doors in the proper preservation of your wines. Correct insulation will help achieve the optimum wine storage conditions, helping your wine cooling unit function efficientlyA lack or poor insulation will force your refrigeration unit to work harder and may cause system breakdown 

Have Your Custom Wine Cellar Design Created by Our Experts 

Wine Cellar Designers Group has been helping homeowners build their dream wine cellar with luxurious features. In this project, their custom wine cellar design experts incorporated a beautiful wooden racking and frameless glass door and walls.  

If you have any questions or need help transforming a space into a luxurious wine display and storage room, please call Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida at +1 (305) 517-7353. We collaborate with top-notch builders in wine cellar construction.