Constructing sophisticated closet wine cellar designs that seamlessly complement the elegance of an upscale Florida residence can be a demanding job. Our Coastal Custom Wine Cellars team, with their extensive experience and industry expertise, have skillfully crafted a compact yet stunning wine storage solution featuring advanced design elements to enhance the property’s luxurious appeal further. 

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Wine Cellar Closet in Hallway

Indulge in a private tasting experience right at home with your very own wine cellar closet, just steps away from your hallway.

Achieving Sleek and Modern Closet Wine Cellar Designs with Metal Peg Wine Racking, Glass Door, and LED Lighting Elements

How To Remodel a Closet into a Wine Cellar

Our team has successfully transformed a space at the end of a hallway into a stunning, modern-styled small wine room for a client in Florida. The design and structure seamlessly integrate with the luxurious aesthetic of the client’s home, ensuring that the wine cellar does not feel out of place in its surroundings.    

The property’s living room features flat moldings with a black-and-white theme, suggesting a contemporary design with minimalistic features. Large glass windows and doors are located around the perimeter of the house. At the same time, the dining room and other areas follow a black-and-white theme with occasional monochrome color schemes for walls and carpeted floors.    

Keeping this elegant style in mind, the team placed the wine cellar at the end of the hallway in the final layout, making it the perfect location to showcase the client’s impressive wine collection. To achieve a sleek and modern look, the team used metal peg wine racking, a glass wine cellar door, and wine cellar LED lighting elements that perfectly balance the white-painted walls of the entire hallway. 

Metal wine racking and tabletop

Raise a glass to style and functionality with this minimalist metal wine racking pins and central tabletop.

Advanced Closet Wine Cellar Designs with a High-Quality Wine Cooling System

Investing in a modern, top-quality wine cellar cooling system for a wine cellar is essential to ensure optimal storage conditions. An industrial ducted cooling system has been chosen to maximize the utilization of the small space available in the wine room. This cooling system allows for storing multiple bottles of wine while maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels.   

The selected ducted system comprises a user-friendly temperature and humidity control panel with an LED display and touchpad. Built with high-quality components, this reliable system ensures consistent performance. The custom grille discreetly conceals the cooling unit overhead, seamlessly integrating it into the overall design of the wine cellar.   

Located outside the closet wine room, the control panel enables easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature and humidity settings. Users can also access different modes to customize their preferences, such as adjusting lighting or modifying system configurations, ensuring that the wine collection remains in prime condition.   

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Compact and Durable Wine Racking System: Accommodating Up to 150 Bottles

The triple-deep wine racks are an innovative storage solution designed to accommodate up to 150 wine bottles in a compact space, making it ideal for small cellars or confined areas. Crafted from genuine metal materials, this durable rack features sturdy pegs capable of securely holding three bottles per set, ensuring stability and safety for the valuable collection.   

One key benefit of this wine racking system is its label-forward design, allowing easy identification and access to each bottle’s label even when viewed outside the custom wine cellar. This practical aspect is complemented by its elegant and modern appearance; the metal pegs are mounted on a gray wall with either a cement or lime wash finish, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic many clients desire.   

An LED back panel was added to further accentuate the wine display, illuminating the entire collection and creating a visually striking focal point within the hallway or designated area. A central display nook also allows for showcasing select favorite bottles, adding a personalized touch to the presentation.   

Closet Wine Cellar with Master Designer Steve Pantalemon

Meet Steve Pantalemon, our master designer, and discover how he transformed this hallway into a stunning closet wine cellar that seamlessly integrates luxury and functionality.

Simplicity and Luxury Combined in a Modern Wine Cellar Design

The exterior of this Miami house showcases a classic colonial-inspired design, while the interior embraces popular modern and minimalist styles. A harmonious blend of these themes can be found throughout the closet wine cellar designs, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere.  

The dining and living rooms benefit from abundant natural light provided by large glass doors and windows. These spaces feature simple modern furniture and clean lines that contribute to the minimalist aesthetic. The closet home wine cellar also adheres to this design approach, utilizing a frameless glass door as its enclosure, which seamlessly integrates the wine collection into the hallway.  

A striking contrast is achieved with the gray cement-finished wall where pegs are attached for wine storage. This contrasts sharply with the white walls and dark-toned floors, creating a balanced transition between hues. The result is a wine cellar that exudes simplicity, yet maintains an air of luxury and sophistication.  


From Small to Industrial-Scale Wine Storage: Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida Can Do It All!

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida specializes in designing, constructing, and offering professional closet wine cellar designs and installation services in Pinecrest, Biscayne, and surrounding areas. Their team is equipped to create modern 3D designs for wine cellars of various sizes, from small to industrial-scale. With a dedicated staff ready to provide swift quotes and personalized consultations, Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida ensures clients receive the best possible wine storage solutions tailored to their requirements. 

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