Residential and Commercial Contemporary Wine Cellars

Residential and Commercial Contemporary Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida specializes in designing and building contemporary wine cellars that complement modern homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, and wine stores. We help clients who want to achieve a minimalist look in their wine display and storage room while creating an impression that lasts.  

Contemporary Wine Cellars: Advantages, Styles, and Options 

Contemporary wine cellars are increasing in popularity among homeowners and entrepreneurs in Florida. For many years, our team has been providing innovative wine storage solutions to those who desire a minimalist and elegant look for their wine room.  

Your wines deserve to be stored and displayed in a safe and beautiful wine cellar space. If you love to entertain friends or host wine-tasting parties, a contemporary wine cellar will provide a comfortable environment and an elegant place for you and your guests. If you own a business that sells wine, a well-designed contemporary wine cellar will attract potential clients to buy your wines and help generate wine sales.   

Designing contemporary wine cellars involves considering the requirements of the client and choosing the most suitable material and components to achieve the visual appeal desired by the client. We consider several factors to ensure that everything is in place.  

The shape of your wine cellar has a significant impact on the design of your wine room. For example, when building contemporary wine cellars under the stairs, we must custom design the wine storage system to fit the sloping ceiling of the room.   

There are key elements that have to be considered and designed carefully. The wine racks, lighting, doors, flooring, and cooling unit play a crucial role in creating the look that the client wants. The design and material used must be well thought out to ensure that the desired appearance of your wine cellar will be achieved.  

Contemporary design is often associated with clean lines. A fusion of metal and glass elements will create a minimalist wine cellar design.  

Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Cellars 

Wine racks should be designed to display one’s collection attractively and store it for better wine management. When building contemporary wine cellars, metal wine racks are the best option. Metal racking looks sleek and elegant, making it in demand among interior designers, contractors, architects, homeowners, and entrepreneurs.  

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida has been using high-quality and stylish metal wine racks in building contemporary wine cellars for residential and commercial applications. Our trusted supplier of modern wine storage systems is VintageView. 

They have been providing minimalist wine storage solutions for many years. Their wine rack systems are in demand because of the following benefits: 

  • Luxurious look 
  • Durability 
  • Ability to complement any existing décor in homes or commercial establishments 
  • Design and installation flexibility 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 

VintageView’s products are designed to store with a label-forward orientation. The bottles are stored sideways, displaying the labels for ease of viewing and locating the bottles. There is no need to flip the bottle to see the description of the wine. When the sediments are disturbed caused by flipping the bottle, the flavor and texture of the wine will be affected.  

Styles of VintageView Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Cellars 

VintageView Metal Wine Racks

VintageView Metal Wine Racks

With various styles of VintageView metal wine racks, there will surely be a perfect wine storage solution for you. We offer Wall-Mounted wine racks (Column Series and Vino Series) and Freestanding wine racks.  

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks  

Bring your wine display to a new level with VintageView’s Wall-Mounted metal wine racks. With the right design, you can bring any dull wall to life with these elegant wine racks. Since no flooring space is occupied, Wall-Mounted wine racks are recommended for building contemporary wine cellars in limited spaces such as under the stairs, walk-in closets, or garages. You may choose between the two types of Wall-Mounted wine racks from VintageView — the Column Wall Series and Vino Series.  

Column Wall Series Wine Racks  

The Column Wall Series wine racks hold the bottles in a single column. You can arrange them to create the look that you want. This type of racking is available in various styles. 

  • Wall Series Single 
  • Big Bottle Series (4 bottles) 
  • 1-foot (3-9 bottles) 
  • 2 feet (6-18 bottles) 
  • 3 feet (9-27 bottles) 
  • 4 feet (12-36 bottles) 
  • Magnum/Champagne Bottle Rack (9-18 bottles) 
  • Le Rustique (6 bottles) 


Vino Series Wine Racks  
Stylish Wine Cellar Door and Contemporary Wine Racks

Stylish Wine Cellar Door and Contemporary Wine Racks

The Vino Series Wall-Mounted wine racks display the bottles beautifully using pegs or pins made from acrylic and metal. Two pegs can hold 1, 2, or 3 bottles, depending on the depth of the racking. If you want to create an illusion of bottles floating in the air, we highly recommend the Vino Series. It is available in Vino Pins and Vino Rails.   

The Vino Pins racking is designed with a label-forward orientation. It consists of a post and mounting plates. The post is the backbone for creating floating wine wall displays. The mounting plates (sold separately) are available in different styles. This wine storage system looks great when placed in corners, against glass walls, or in any space, you want to spruce up with sophisticated wine racks.  

The Vino Rails, on the other hand, has a cork-first orientation. These wine racks are perfect for entertainment areas, kitchens, and wet bars. They can be installed on wood or any drywall surfaces without the need for backer support. Below is the list of VintageView Vino Series wine racks.   

  • Vino Rails Designer Kit 
  • Vino Rails 1 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack (Cork Forward) 
  • Vino Series Magnum Rails, 1 Bottle Metal Wine Rack 
  • Vino Pins 1 Bottle Metal Wine Peg Starter Set 
  • Vino Pins Metal Wine Peg Kit (2-3 bottles deep) 
  • Vino Pins Designer Kit 
  • Vino Pins Acrylic Wall-Mounted Wine Rack (1 Bottle) 
  • Vino Series Magnum Pins Starter Set 
  • Vino Pins Magnum or Champagne 2-Bottle Kit 

Glass Wine Cellar Doors     

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida incorporates glass elements when designing contemporary wine cellars. Glass wine cellar doors will match the modern wine racks in your wine room. We offer seamless glass doors for clients who want their wines to be viewed without any obstructions. We also have glass doors framed in wood.  

Work with Our Experts in Building Sophisticated Contemporary Wine Cellars  

Let us help transform your space into a luxurious-looking wine display for your wines. Whether you are an avid wine collector or an owner of a wine business, we have the perfect wine storage solution for you. We design and build contemporary wine cellars using metal and glass elements. Talk to one of our specialists at +1 (305) 517-7353.