Nothing exudes luxury more than the finest bottle of pinot aged in modern wine closets. Pouring a glass of pristine red from Napa and having its aroma welcome your senses is definitely an act. It is a play between the scent of finely aged wine and the authentic flavor bursting into your refined palate, served at the perfect temperature. To add drama, serve your Chardonnay from a modern wine cabinet. Not only does it give your bottle the perfect storage place, but it also creates the perfect conversation starter. 

A Unique Modern Wine Closet Is Perfect for Your Kitchen!

This marvelous modern wine closet in Miami Fl is situated within the home’s main area where light is abundant.

So if you are a wine connoisseur or novice wine lover, having a modern wine closet is a great way to incorporate wine into your life. That’s personal luxury at its best, and it makes the laughter shared at a holiday dinner more contagious. It is a great investment to add to your home and increase its value. Most of all, it allows you to enjoy wine how it’s meant to be – perfectly aged at the perfect temperature.


At Custom Wine Cellars Miami, Fl, we can enlighten you on what it takes to add a modern wine closet to your Miami, Fl, home. Let us give you a tour of one of our latest projects, a project we did with experienced wine cellar designer and builder Steve Pantalemon. We will show you how adding drama to your Miami Fl modern wine closet is a meticulous play between modern design and efficient function.

How New Technology and Purposeful Design Came Together in This Modern Wine Closet

When building a wine closet, having a professional is the best option. With our team of professionals with years of experience building custom wine rooms, we can handle all your design and technical needs. This ensures that your cellar is perfectly lit and regulated at the right temperature while adding a stylish finish to your home. If you are considering having a modern wine closet or cellar built in your home, let us help you start your journey.

We made sure this modern wine closet was relatively large since we placed it in a space with a very open floorplan.

The Design Process of Building This Modern Wine Closet

Ensuring the wine closet fits your home takes precision and an artistic eye. When building a home wine closet, your space should be the optimal place for wine to age right. So for this project, we first looked into the space and assessed what we were working with.

The owner wanted their cellar in the kitchen. It is a great place to consider since it will be close to the dining area where they usually enjoy their wine with their friends and guests. As we planned for the modern wine cabinet display, we took note of the details in their kitchen space to maximize the aesthetic potential of the space. There were numerous sturdy details in the place seen in the metals and steel in the kitchen, but the curved wooden beams added an earthy touch.

With these details in mind, the owner and our team decided to use steel as the main material in the wine closet, since it perfectly complimented the kitchen’s design. We chose a darker finish on the steel to give a dramatic contrast between all the other metallic finishes in the kitchen and make the wine cellar stand out.

This modern wine closet houses double-deep, wall-mounted metal racks and one high reveal rack.

In this project, we had an interior designer, custom steel manufacturer, and lighting specialist working with us. We had a steel structure built for the modern wine wall, complete with steel case storage and steel individual display fit for up to 300 bottles of liquor. This metal racking had a black finish to blend in with the color of the bottles. To accentuate the wine closet, the metal racks were lit by an LED-backlit panel that showcased every bottle’s beauty. Remember that wine cellar lighting plays a crucial role in a wine cellar’s design. They can instantly transform your space into something extraordinary. 

So when you want to start build your own Miami, Fl, modern wine closets, designing it takes more than just looking at inspiration photos. You need the right team to execute your vision in the best way possible, and we can help you build the right wine closet for your space. 

Making Technology Work for Your Modern Wine Closets in Miami Fl

You need a robust cooling system to maintain the right temperature for the aging of your wine. However, most modern cooling systems for wine closets are not pleasing to the eyes and can obstruct an otherwise gorgeous view. So with this project, we chose an RMD cooling system. To maintain a clean look in the wine closet, we had a supply and return duct in the cellar and housed the system in the laundry room. Yet to ensure the laundry room doesn’t suffer from any noise or view obstruction from the cooling system, we had it hung neatly in the ceiling. 

For the cooling to be more efficient, we installed weather-stripped dual pane thermal insulated glass. We also sealed it and had a lock installed. These small sealing and safety details are important, especially if you have kids in your household too. Making sure you have locks in your modern wine closets will keep your toddler or children safe by preventing them from getting their hands on your fragile bottles of wine. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to ensure your design demands and safety needs are met, look no further.

The Best Wine Cellar Builders at Custom Wine Cellars Miami Fl

Our team of creative professionals at Custom Wine Cellars Miami Fl is ready to help you build the modern wine room of your dreams. We are complete with artistic designers and skilled builders capable of building a modern wine closet or transitional wine room in Miami, Fl.

The yellow light you see inside this modern wine closet is our acrylic LED panels.


Whether your residence is in Edgewater, Brickell, Coconut Grove, South Beach, Key Biscayne, or South of Fifth, we can build the best wine closet in any Miami, Fl, area. We can build your wine closet racking or go through the entire planning process until the finish. Show us your modern glass wine closet ideas, and let’s see what we can build by calling us at +1 (954) 607-2092.