The material you choose for your wine racks will highly impact the overall aesthetic value of your wine room. It is that minute detail that will surely complete your chosen theme and highlight your wine collection’s elegant beauty. We at Custom Wine Cellars Miami have worked with different varieties of wooden wine racks for the satisfaction of our past clients and can share to you tips to help you choose the right wooden wine racks for your wine cellar in Miami. 

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wooden Wine Rack in Miami 

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The type of wine racks installed can either elevate or depreciate the aesthetic value of a wine cellar.

We at Custom Wine Cellars Miami have with us years of experience and a large number of successful projects. We have built numerous residential and commercial wine cellars, all of which were loved and appreciated by our clients. We pay high attention to details inexperienced cellar builders miss even down to the material chosen for the wine racking system. Throughout the years, we have come to the conclusion that wooden wine racks are the prime choice of cellar owners in Miami. Not only does it go with any chosen concept the owner has for their wine cellar but it also has that timeless and regal feel that goes with it. Read down below the tips from our experts and choose the best wooden rack for your cellar in Miami. 

1. Pay Attention to the Materials Used for Your Wooden Wine Rack 

Available in the market is a wide array of wood species suitable for the construction of wooden wine racks. Needless to say, it can also vary in terms of quality. Without the proper knowledge and prior research, one can easily be fooled into purchasing sub-standard quality wood for their wine racks.  

Some of the species of wood we recommend to our clients to choose as their wine rack material are Mahogany, Premium Redwood, and Pine. Wooden wine racks made from these species will surely be able to stand against the test time for these are hard-wearing materials and highly resistant to moisture and mildew. This is essential because it can cost you your entire wine collection if not paid attention to. Also, these species are packed with beauty and finesse adding more aesthetics to your wine cellar in Miami whether you are going for that rustic and traditional vibe or a modern and contemporary one. 

2. Look into the Manufacturer of Your Chosen Wooden Wine Rack 

It wouldn’t matter if you chose high-grade quality materials for your cellar’s racking system if the finished product is a poorly built wine rack. Your wines and their bottles will be at risk if you settle for a mediocre and secondrate manufacturer in Miami. It helps to also read testimonials from your chosen manufacturer’s previous clients to get an idea about their products. Your wine rack manufacturer should be widely knowledgeable about your plans for your own wine cellar and must take into consideration critical factors before installation. The experts we have in our team work hand in hand with our clients to truly get a grasp on what our client has in mind for their wine racking system needs. 

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Wooden wine racks bring a warm and cozy ambiance to a cellar.

3. Choose Wine racks that are Still Being Made 

Although it may seem like it won’t pose a problem but installing wine racks that are still continually being made will surely put any client’s mind at ease. We at Custom Wine Cellars Miami encourage our clients to think long-term with regard to their plans of having their own residential or commercial wine cellar Miami. With this, if ever our client plans on expanding their storage space, they can still keep their motif and theme intact by using the same wine rack they’ve used before.  

This is one advantage of custombuilt wine racks. Custom-built wine racks are racking systems custom built for any client to match their preferred taste and style. These designs are flexible and can fit any cellar even basement wine cellars and under the stairs wine cellars. Aside from custom-built wine racks, customers also have the option to choose modular wine racks for their wine rooms in Miami. These are pre-designed and pre-made wine racks also fitting for the future expansion of your wine room but just be sure to see if the wine racks you have chosen are still being built. If you are choosing a certain modular wine rack, be sure to check if your manufacturer has got a long history of building that specific variety and know if it will still be available if ever you plan on expanding your wine room in the future. 

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4. Research About Your Material’s Potential for Off-Gassing 

For wooden wine racks, there is a possible case of off-gassing if the choice of materials was not properly done. Off-gassing is the process wherein wood, or even other finishes release chemicals or toxic fumes. This occurrence is highly probable for wooden wine racks because some species of wood emit noxious gases. It is important for wine cellar owners to be wary of their chosen wine rack material for these fumes may alter the taste of their wines and may be a cause for spoilage of their whole collection.  

Consult an Expert in Wooden Wine Racks in Miami! 

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